Impaxis Capital brings together an experienced team whose members have held regional responsibilities in financial engineering and capital markets activities. They have handled many transactions in various Francophone countries in West and Central Africa.

Momar NDOUR, Managing Director

  • Before the creation of Impaxis Capital, Momar Ndour was a Director in the Africa Department of Citibank, Johannesburg (South Africa). His department was responsible for Citibank's relationship with 18 countries in Central and West Africa, where Citibank had no physical presence but maintained relationships with major governmental, industrial and financial institutions.
  • Momar previously worked as financial controller at TRANSMEDIA: a U.S. financial services company in France, and worked in the Caisse des Depots et Consignations (CDC) Studies Department, Paris.
  • He participated in several bond issues, finance structuring, equity structuring, debt restructuring, leveraged buyout financing, employee buyouts and consulting projects in West Africa.

Patrick BROCHET, Managing Director

  • Before the creation of Impaxis Capital and Impaxis Securities, a licensed stockbroker and custodian in the WAEMU zone (West Africa Economic and Monetary Union), Patrick was Deputy General Manager and acting General Manager at SOGEBOURSE (Cote d’Ivoire), the biggest custodian and broker in the WAEMU zone. He also supervised the activities of SOGESPAR, the first asset management company in the WAEMU zone.
  • Auditor with Ernst & Young in Paris before joining Société Générale (Paris) as Vice-President in charge of mergers and acquisitions for sub-Saharan Francophone Africa.
  • Patrick lead, organized and participated in numerous bonds and shares issues and placements, privatizations and debt restructuring.
  • He holds a B.A. from HEC Montréal and an MBA from ISA (HEC Paris). Patrick was non executive director of the Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM) and the Central Depository/Settlement Bank (DC /BR), as well as member of their Audit Committees from 2006 to 2009.

Fatoumata Mbengue BA, Senior Analyst

  • Before joining Impaxis Capital as a Senior Financial Analyst in 2006, Fatoumata Ba Mbengue supervised and participated in numerous consultancy projects, statutory audits, project audits and accounting audits in Senegal, as a Manager in the Audit department of Era Baker Tilly.
  • Since 2006, Fatoumata has been involved in project valuations and financial advisory projects as part of fund raising exercises, acquisitions and balance sheet restructurings.
  • Fatoumata graduated from the University of Paris 9 Dauphine, she holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration in Developing Countries, a Diploma in Accounting and Finance - DECF (INTEC Paris), and a Masters degree in Business Administration (AES option).

Marcelle Pachy, Administration

  • Before joining Impaxis in charge of the Administration, Marcelle PACHY was Sales Director at the second largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in Senegal, where she supervised a team of 6 sales persons and was responsible for over 100 customers throughout the regions of Senegal.
  • Marcelle has worked in several capacities as Executive Assistant, within international and regional financial institutions.
  • She also worked in tourism, specifically as booking clerk and event organizer.
  • Marcel holds a Diploma in Programming from the Institut de Formation Professionnelle (IFP).
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